5 reasons to invest in financial translation

5 reasons to invest in financial translation

Economic and financial flows between companies generate significant needs for the translation of financial documents during this present time of globalization. It is one of the most popular specialties on the market. Whatever your business, find out when and why you need to invest in financial translation.

Documents of various kinds

Economic and financial translation concerns a wide variety of documents, from stock market analysis to annual reports, including transaction notes, financial opinions, audits, accounting documents, CAC reports, letters to shareholders or investor relations, etc. Not to mention all the communication-related content distributed via commercial brochures, websites or mobile applications. Economic and financial translation is therefore illustrated in several sectors of the company, regardless of its field of activity: accounting, audit, finance, communication. The common requirement between these documents is the specialized translation by experts familiar with the financial and economic sectors.

Why invest in economic and financial translation?

In such a field, heavily influenced by financial stakes, it would make perfect sense to want access to reliable documents, i.e. translated with high standards and professionalism.

Accounting or investor relations services, commercial services, consulting, communication, here are 5 reasons to invest in the translation of your economic and financial documents and to outsource their translation.

1. You want to expand internationally

Economics and/or finance are at the heart of your activity and you want to develop internationally or open up to a foreign clientele. Banking, wealth management firms, insurance, tax specialists, auditors, chartered accountants, asset and investment fund managers, risk managers, auditors, etc., the accurate and reliable translation of your documents is a necessity.

2. You have foreign investors and/or clients

Having clients in Paris, London or Berlin or having foreign investors requires the specialized translation of demanding documents:

  • Activity and quarterly reports
  • Ad-hoc communications
  • IAS/IFRS documentation
  • Press Releases - Press Releases
  • Loans, equity, currency and commodity analyses and reports
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Initial public offerings

3. You are selling your business or launching mergers and acquisitions

A project to buy, sell or transfer a business is always a delicate step. The reasons that can lead a company to opt for an "M&A", a complex legal operation, are varied and may include searching for synergies, diversification, desire to accelerate growth, etc. Many technical, financial and legal aspects must also be taken into account to successfully complete your operation. A lack of reliability in the translation of economic or financial documents could affect decision-making.

To go further on these operations, everything you need to know so you don't miss the closing stage.

4. You make part of your turnover abroad

You are a member of the financial and investment departments, a member of the general management of a company whose turnover is partly generated abroad. You are accountable to local governments. The financial translation of your balance sheets, income statements, tax returns and other documents is a necessity.

You will often have to present sworn translations in order to maintain the official value of the source document.

5. You wish to communicate abroad

When it comes to financial communication, there is no question of creating misunderstanding among your readers by transforming the message your company wants to communicate, at the risk of damaging its image and credibility. Ensure a consistent image for your group through reliable and consistent financial translations of your activity reports, quarterly bulletins, etc.

Economic and financial translation: a demanding expertise!

The importance of financial stakes forces companies to look for high quality economic and financial translations. The financial and economic genre is particular. It is steeped in standard phraseology and technical terminology, the equivalent of which must be found in the target language. It should be noted that there is no other field of translation with so many neologisms such as "marketing", "management", "back office" and other "stock options". French or English? The world of finance handles anglicisms with a clear ease. A complex task that requires the financial translator to keep up with market development and terminology. In this vast field of specialization, this specialist combines technical, terminological and documentary skills and knowledge.

Financial translation is a genuine specialty, which requires a great deal of expertise and there are not many specialized translators in the end. Combining linguistic and cultural skills, and technical know-how, they have the ability to understand and translate financial and economic documents, according to a specialized field: accounting, finance, audit, communication.

Consulting, responsiveness, high level of quality, the specialized translation agency, by its structure, its methodologies and its requirement on the choice of its collaborators, thus positions itself as a true partner of companies.

Are you an international company with large volumes of economic and financial documents? Find out how our expertise and our services in financial and economic translation (but also in legal translation) can be important assets for your business, in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, etc.