Website translation

The translation (or localization) of websites can be useful for various types of sites:

  • translation of product catalogues and product updates
  • website localization by country / language
  • translation of CSV / Excel files for integration into databases
  • translation of presentation pages
  • translation of computer graphics
  • referencing and optimisation by language

Website translation, also known as website localization, involves translating all of the elements that comprise an Internet site. As such, the translation includes the body of the webpages (body of the pages of HTML documents), menus (main menus, sub-menus, footers...), browsing elements (buttons, scripts), texts of graphic and advertising elements. Website translation requires the same language skills as the translation of financial, commercial, technical or any other types of documents, in addition to the specific need to adhere to the code and common practices on the Internet (meta-tags, descriptive mark-ups, titles of hypertext links...).
Localization of Internet sites

Internet pages normally contain meta-tags (title, description, keywords) intended for referencing, photos, charts and other media generally enhanced with titles (ALT, TITLE) that are used to describe the multimedia object. While hidden in the source code, these elements are indispensable for a page's correct referencing, and must necessarily be translated. Our translation experts are trained in website localization (or translation) and they translate all of the elements of the content, meta-tags and descriptive mark-ups of the objects within the page.

The translated elements are then returned for optimal integration by the Internet site webmasters, while clearly separating HTML texts from the browsing elements (menus, buttons) or from the descriptions of multimedia content.

Certain text blocks are generally the same from one webpage to the next. This is generally the case of menus, footers, headers and promotional slogans. The texts included in these blocks are only translated and counted once in order to make up for the redundancy effect that would arise if the website's translation were considered only in terms of the translation of the webpages comprising it. Our technical partners can also help with the integration of translations into the Internet site in question.

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