Our know-how

Traductor devotes every resource needed in order to provide quality services.

A quality approach

Our working methodology applies to all translation jobs carried out by Traductor. From the smallest text to the largest files, our attachment to quality is the same.

A sales department

Our sales team uses a specially produced IT tool, Tradulog, in order to ensure a customised follow-up for all of our customers. More than 6000 customers put their trust in us, and receive an individual follow-up for all of their translations.


Each translation requires specific linguistic and professional knowledge. We dispatch the translation jobs to more than 600 expert translators, on the basis of their professional skills and of the requested languages. It's a matter of honour for Traductor that we carry out this dispatching with the greatest care, since it's under these conditions that the customer can be certain of receiving a good translation.

Translation reviews

All translations are proofread and validated before being sent to the customer.

Express estimate by Internet

To simplify the steps for estimating the cost of a translation (rates by document / project), Traductor offers you the use of an automated translation estimate request system that will ensure that you receive an estimate of the translation cost within 60 minutes.

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