About Traductor

In an increasingly competitive but only moderately regulated translation market, Traductor is a recognised company that has successfully adapted to the profession's constraints and developments.

As such, we have set up our online translation estimate request service with special attention to the following points :


  • Your translation estimate requests can be submitted online on our Internet site
  • Our response is immediate, within the hour.
  • The speed of our online translation service is in no way detrimental to the quality of our translations, as quality is our priority objective.

The selection of translators

  • An extensive panel of translators means that we can cover all types of online translations, in all requested fields.
  • They are selected on the basis of very demanding criteria that include language skills, experience and in-depth knowledge of the technical domain in which the translator has specialised.
  • The networking of translators for large projects with short time limits makes it possible to maintain terminological uniformity, which is the most frequently encountered problem in the event of translation estimates that are " divided " between several service providers.

Suitable price

  • Our objective is to provide quality online translation services, at a reasonable cost.
  • We offer discounts for regular customers as well as for large projects, though such discounts will have no impact on our standards or control procedures.
  • On the basis of your requirements, we prepare " tailor-made " translation estimates.

Technology in the service of your projects

  • We provide you with access to our FTP server for your regular projects, or for any deliveries outside of business hours.
  • We are equipped with the latest formatting programs in order to be able to provide you with translations that correspond with your original documents, irrespective of the requested languages.

We prepare glossaries and translation databases so that your company's specific expressions will be systematically used in your translations.

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