Translation services

Financial translation

The translation of financial documents is most often required for documents of the following types:

  • financial press releases
  • balance sheets
  • business plans, cash plans, cash budgets
  • profit and loss statements
  • financial statements
  • financial income
  • reporting, management
  • transaction notes
  • share issues
  • economic situation memos...

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Legal translation

The translation of legal documents is most often required for documents of the following types:

  • subpoenas,
  • rulings,
  • briefs,
  • contracts,
  • civil status documents,
  • articles of association,
  • balance sheets, general meetings,
  • documents under oath,
  • patents,
  • annual reports, etc…

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Commercial translation

The translation of commercial documents is most often required for documents of the following types:

  • flyers, commercial pamphlets
  • marketing studies, competition studies, reports on commercial actions
  • commercial brochures, business plans
  • magazines, internal newsletters, miscellaneous publications
  • commercial packaging
  • job descriptions ...

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Website translation

The translation (or localization) of websites can be useful for various types of sites:

  • translation of product catalogues and product updates
  • website localization by country / language
  • translation of CSV / Excel files for integration into databases
  • translation of presentation pages
  • translation of computer graphics
  • referencing and optimisation by language

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Domain fields

Traductor is active in all sectors that require professional quality translations.

While maintaining an optimal price policy, Traductor works with experts in all general and specialised translation domains. Traductor provides IT translations - medical translations - commercial translations - website translations - translations for tourism professionals - legal translations - translations of administrative documents... By no means exhaustive, this list simply illustrates the wide range of fields in which Traductor can provide services, while selecting the best experts in each field and while adhering to quality processes and tested methods for all of its customers.

Whatever your field or the target languages, you can directly request a price estimate using our online form system, or you can use our price request page for your translation.