Legal translation

The translation of legal documents is most often required for documents of the following types:

  • subpoenas,
  • rulings,
  • briefs,
  • contracts,
  • civil status documents,
  • articles of association,
  • balance sheets, general meetings,
  • documents under oath,
  • patents,
  • annual reports, etc…

Our legal translations are entrusted to legal experts who often combine their skills as a translator with solid professional experience in the legal field (former lawyers, directors of legal departments, bankers, etc.). We can therefore put this know-how in your service, while providing you with quality translations offering great terminological accuracy.

All of our legal translations are carried out by translators who are translating into their first language, and they are then proofread by a second specialist. As compliance with professional secrecy is the cornerstone of our business, all of our translators are naturally subject to this secrecy obligation, and a confidentiality agreement can be signed if needed.