Specialized translation: institutional and financial documents

Specialized translation: institutional and financial documents

Large international groups and legal and financial professionals who accompany them often have to produce and/or exploit documents for international purposes. Financial documents, institutional documents: how do you ensure flawless translations?

Financial and institutional translation: for whom? For what?

You are part of the management board and you must be able to fully understand the nature of your company's documents through all its subsidiaries and international activities. Tax specialists, auditors, accountants, asset and investment fund managers, risk managers, auditors... your analyses and the resulting strategies and operations are based on precise data.

To ensure that language and all localized information (monetary units, units of measurement, foreign accounting, etc.) are not slowing down your operations, experts in financial translation and institutional translation provide you with a reliable, or even certified, translation of these crucial decision-making documents.

What documents to translate?

Institutional and financial communication

DICI (or KIID), KID PRIIPS, prospectus and fund commentaries

Information notes for SICAV, PEE, OPCVM, macro-economic studies, issue prospectuses, investment fund management reports, stock market analyses, business survey notes, transaction notes, share issues, etc. Strategic action plans, annual reports, quarterly or half-yearly results, financial notices, financial press releases, letters to shareholders, shareholders' reports, letters and documents related to investor relations...

Audit and accounting

Recommendations, merger and contribution reports, CAC reports, financial audit, summary notes, training procedures, quality manual… Description of accounting standards, accounts and notes to financial reports...


HR documents (PEE, PERCO, profit-sharing), sales brochures, internal newspapers, training modules, etc. All these financial and institutional documents are essential to companies. Their multilingual translation must be entrusted to experts in the sector.

Focus on the sworn translation of your financial documents

International business transfers, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), franchise development... to successfully carry out your international projects, you may not only need to have your documents translated but also make them official. This involves sworn translation of financial documents. Translation agencies specializing in financial and legal translation can take all the necessary steps and provide you with useful advice depending on the context and type of document concerned: brief, translation, localization, certification, apostille.

Methodology of financial and institutional translation

To provide a reliable and precise translation, the content of the source document has to be fully understood. The translation of financial and institutional documents requires a perfect command of the precise jargon in the desired languages as well as the workings and specific vocabulary of finance and accounting. This type of specialized translation can't be done in a haphazard fashion.

Be sure to entrust your sensitive projects to financial and institutional translation professionals to ensure:

  • Accurate financial translations by translators who have significant experience in the industry,
  • The high final quality resulting from a cross-reading process between a translator and a proofreader,
  • Advice on localization or certification, for example,
  • Respect of tight deadlines,
  • The strictest confidentiality.